Enjoy a smoke without offending others

With traditional cigarettes you are burning many dangerous chemicals, but with e cigs and e liquid devices you can vape just about anywhere without the risk of offending others.

Make Halo e cigarette Australia your first choice when it comes to vaping.

Is it your New Years resolution to quit smoking cigarettes?

Let’s make 2014 your year to quit smoking forever with the aid of e cigarettes.
Try one of our e cigarette starter kits or our new e liquid products and receive quick delivery to all areas of Australia.

e cigarette Australia

 E Cig Cartridges

Each refill is equivalent to 25-30 cigarettes, and is compatible with Halo Starter Kits, Halo Mini Kits and batteries.

Each container holds 5 Cartridges, the equivalent of 125+ cigarettes!

The cartridges are sealed with caps at each end for freshness.

Types of e cigarettes

We supply a range of flavoured cartridges. These are:

  • chocolate
  • menthol
  • vanilla
  • tobacco (tastes very similar to a cigarette)
  • cherry

Cartridge life

Each HALO regular cartridge lasts approximately 200 puffs. There are 5 cartridges in each strip.

These results are based on tests carried out by a machine, with each puff measured at 2 seconds. Some users take longer puffs on e-cigarettes than they do on cigarettes – if you take 4 second puffs, expect a regular cartridge to last approximately 100 puffs, and a high capacity cartridge to last around 200 puffs.

The cartridges are sealed with caps at each end for freshness.

E Cigarette Length

The Smoker’s Halo e-cigarette is 4 inches in length. That’s 10.2 centimeters. For comparison, a regular sized Marlborough is 8.5 centimeters.

With the larger high capacity refills, the e cigarette is just under 4 and a half inches long, or just over 11 centimeters. Despite the extra length, it is well worth getting the high capacity cartridges for their extra life and the improved vapour and flavour which comes with a dual coil atomiser.

Halo e cigarette Australia is the number one choice for our loyal satisfied customers.